9” Roof Mount Car DVD Player

9'' Roof Mount Car DVD Player

9” Roof Mount Car DVD Player

1. 9″ inch digital TFT LCD Panel, Resolution:800*480, display 16:9.
2. Supports DVD, USB, SD Card, Game, IR, FM functions. 
3. Stereo Speakers. 
4. Two Audio&Video Input / One Audio&Video output.
5. Automatically recognizes signal system.
6. Built in wireless game, full-function remote control with multi-language menu.
7. System: PAL/NTSC/SECAM and more.
8. Power: DC 12V.
9. Different Colors available.

►Price: N55,000 (installation inclusive).

■What does it do?
It can play video files on your VCD, DVD, SD Card, and USB flash drive, with audio output from its own speakers or the car’s audio system. 
It also has in-built games for kids.

■Can it work with my vehicle?
It is universal. It would work with virtually all vehicle types!

■ Does it come with any warranty?
Yes, it does come with a 1 year ‘replacement-warranty’.

■Would the installation have any side effect on my vehicle?
No, it will not. We employ highly trained professionals for installations, and our devices do not in any way either on the short or long term, interfere with how your vehicle works.

■Can it be transferred from one vehicle to another?
Yes, it can be transferred from one vehicle to another at the client’s request.

■Where can I have one installed?
Installation can be done at any of our installation centres spread across major cities in the country, or any private place of your choosing in the country.

■How long would it take to install one?
Installation takes averagely 1 hour.

■How much will it cost to install one?

■How and when do I make payment?
After the installation is complete, and all features are tested working as advertised, then you can make payment either to our company’s account, or our company’s representative that conducted the installation.

►Call/Text/WhatsApp 07035018005 with your car make and model, city of intended installation, and if possible, time of intended installation.