About Us

Track99 is devotedly committed to excellence in all its services and activities.

We are fully committed to adding value to Businesses, Corporate Organizations, Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations through security solutions and staff & asset control measures that are fool-proof and are a touch of class, quality and cutting-edge technology.

We provide a range of customized, high-end bio-metric based security applications, GSM/GPS technology based security applications, and other vehicle gadgets which are tailored to fit our customers’ unique requirements.

15 years on the trot, the first car tracking company in Nigeria, with representation in 26 states, yet our thirst for excellence in service remains unquenchable.

Our clients include the Oyo state Government (TCTC), Bayelsa State Government, Ondo State Government, Lagos State Government, Law Union and Rock Insurance Co, NEM Insurance Plc., Hakeem & Sons Haulage, Eagle Flour Ibadan, Sudit Oil Plc., Procter & Gamble, and other clients in various parts of Nigeria, who have found our products and services to be of international standards, and are witnesses to the fact that we meet all kinds of security, monitoring and control requirements, doing so under varying circumstances.