Car Tracker FAQs

How would your GPS Car Tracker help prevent losing my car to theft?
Our Car Tracker ensures that, in the event of car theft or car-snatching, sending just one short SMS “text” message to our GPS tracker in your vehicle would absolutely shut down your car’s engine. And, sending another short SMS “text” message to it would reply to your mobile phone your car’s precise location, and speed.

Are there specific cities or states, that your GPS car tracker works in?
No. Even when your vehicle is in the remotest parts of the country e.g. all villages, towns, cities or outside the country e.g. Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Cameroun and beyond, it still receives a very strong GPS signal (no place to hide).

What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
Our devices work with any mobile phone that can send and receive text message.

Does your GPS Car Tracker come with any warranty?
Yes, it does come with a 1 year ‘replacement-warranty’.

My car is quite old, do you think I need it?
In terms of relative cost for what it would cost to get another car, having a GPS car tracker even in your old car would be a wise decision.

Do I need to pay annual subscription fees?
Basically, No. Although, there are subscriptions options — they are optional; not mandatory.

Would the installation of your tracker have any side effect on my vehicle?
No, it will not. We employ highly trained professionals for installations, and our devices do not in any way either on the short or long term, interfere with how your vehicle works.

Can it be transferred from one vehicle to another?
Yes, it can be transferred from one vehicle to another at the client’s request.

What separates you from the competition?
1. To us, this is selling a service not just selling a product. That is why we follow up to make sure your installed trackers are always active 24/7.
2. Fifteen years of flawless service to our several clients, and recovery of tens of vehicles is some testimony to our reliability— we never lost one!

Where can I have one installed?
Installation can be done at any of our installation centres spread across major cities in the country, or any private place of your choosing in the country.

How long would it take to install one?
Installation takes averagely 1 hour or less.

How much will it cost to install one?
We have different types, at different prices. Kindly inbox us, or text/WhatsApp +2347035018005 your car make and model, your city of intended installation and if possible, intended time of installation, and we will get back to you with the best and cheapest recommendation.

How and when do I make payment?
After the installation is complete, and all features are tested working as advertised, then you can make payment either to our company’s account, or our company’s representative that conducted the installation.