Car Tracker Features

Stop Engine function ensures that in the event of car-theft or car snatching at gun-point, sending just one SMS “text” message from any mobile phone would effectively shut down your car’s engine — 99+% Guaranteed!

Your car’s engine would only be running for as long as you permit it to. Once you decide to switch off the engine remotely by the pre-defined SMS (text) message we give you, the car ultimately stops working until u re-send another message to re-activate the engine; hundreds of cars have been recovered using this wonderful technology.

Our Google-map link feature ensures that, by sending a unique SMS code to the tracker or calling the tracker, it will reply you with a Google-map link, which upon clicking will display a real time visual representation of your vehicle’s location on google map on your mobile phone.

Power cut-off alert function sends SMS to your mobile phone if at any time power to the device is disconnected or tampered with either on purpose or otherwise i.e if Car’s battery is disconnected.

Over-speed alert feature allows the user or fleet manager to set his vehicle’s speed limit. An over-speed alert warning would be sent to his mobile phone anytime the vehicle travels faster than the preset speed limit.

Geo-Fence function sends SMS to phone if your vehicle travels beyond your pre-set geo-zone i.e move out of the city. Be confident your vehicle won’t leave town without your say-so.

Listen-in function makes it possible for you to listen-in to conversations by occupants of your vehicle from anywhere in the world, at all times.

GPS Car Tracking Mobile App! Our ‘Premium Platinum’ subscribers can now make use of our GPS Car Tracking Mobile App!
Live monitoring of your vehicle(s), history replay and download, engine shutdown, etc., right from your smartphone.

1 Year to Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Lifetime After-Sales Service.