Our Basic tracking service is, a non-subscription service that we provide to all our clients for FREE. We are of the opinion that “trackers” are not just a product for sale like your TV, DVD Player, Laptop, etc. — NO.

Rather, it is a professional service rendered to achieve maximum client satisfaction (keeping to our promise that the trackers that we install would ensure that in the event of theft, you will be able to recover back your vehicle).

Our Basic tracking service involves most importantly, making sure that the GPS trackers that we sell to you are active at all times, and in all places. In addition, we have made our trackers so user friendly, that all you will ever need is just the same mobile phone that you presently own.

After all, what is the use of buying a cheap tracking device from fly-by-night GPS tracker vendors that would stop working in a month or two? That will inexcusably translate to losing both the automobile and the tracker to theft!

Premium Gold

Our Premium Gold subscription service includes all the above for the ‘Basic‘, but unlike the ‘Basic’ where responsibility of crediting the SIM card in the tracker falls on the client, for the Premium Gold, we charge an annual for crediting the SIM card in the tracker to ensure the SIM card installed in the tracker is active at ALL times.

Premium Platinum

Our Premium Platinum tracking subscription service, is a round the clock instant response (360° 24/7) tracking service. Rendered in most cases, to clients running a fleet i.e transport companies, governmental agencies, corporate bodies, individual clients, etc.

In this case, all kinetic and static data of our client’s vehicles i.e. vehicle’s status, vehicle’s location, vehicle’s movement history, current speed, distance covered, etc., are being monitored and recorded in our databases and made readily available for our clients once they login with their assigned username and password on our dedicated online tracking portal or mobile app.

Subscription charges for this service is paid on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis.


P.S. Subscription options are optional; not mandatory — subscribing or not, will not prevent your tracker from performing its basic functions . . . kindly WhatsApp/call 07035018005 for further details.